With Michael Hodges at Central Station

Photo of Detroit Grand Central Station by Luke Hartley. http://lukehartley.com/

I visited Detroit’s Grand Central Station with Detroit News fine arts critic Michael Hodges. Michael was awesome and took me on a tour of some of Detroit’s lesser known neighborhoods that, despite the city’s reputation for being a wasteland for “ruin porn”, are thriving communities.

I came across some amazing photos of the station on the website of photographer Luke Hartley (http://lukehartley.com/blog/?p=905) and he was kind enough to give me permission to use the one above. Do visit his site to see some really jaw-dropping pictures of the Detroit landmark, described by Michael Hodges as a symbol of hope to the city.

The station itself was designed by the Warren & Wetmore and Reed and Stem firms who also designed New York City’s Grand Central Terminal and is of the Beaux-Arts Classical style of architecture. According to Michael, there is talk that the building may soon be renovated. The building, which has been in recent decades considered a mark of shame on the city’s landscape, is lighted at night by huge spotlights as a way to reclaim this once glorious landmark. What was once a sign of a city in decline is now a symbol of hope.

Michael is also the the author of Michigans Historic Railroad Stations which presents depots ranging from functioning Amtrak stops to converted office buildings and spectacular abandoned wrecks to highlight the beauty of these iconic structures and remind readers of the key role architecture and historic preservation. His photos and essays can be found at .